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cellflirt text chat


We're shown a chaotic moving montage of young people's faces. Over this it says, "CHAT WITH SINGLES NATIONWIDE!!!". The pictures of faces form a grid, then a map of the United States. In a banner below that is shows 1) a cellphone, 2) LOVE, 3) 44123. Above it says cellflirt and #1 TEXT CHAT. Then, we some a couple pictures pop-up and there are text bubbles of them exchanging messages like, "What's up?" and "Still Single?" More animated pictures and phone graphics. Another two pictures are talking to each other with, "How old r u?" and "22 N U?". The final shot shows a Sprint and Boost Mobile logo, side by side.


Right now, thousands of singles are text chatting all over the country. You too can come and join the number one text chat service. It's easy, just text message the word, "LOVE" to 44123. It's a great way to connect to new singles. Text message the word, "LOVE" to 44123. Hey, check your inbox, you might already have a message. Send love to 44123. Now available on Sprint, Nextel, and Boost.


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  1-Jun-2007 4:01pm created by bill

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posted 27-Jul-2008 10:25pm

posted 9-Aug-2008 11:23pm

posted 12-May-2009 7:47pm

why am i getting charges from you
posted 13-May-2009 12:45pm

I am right there with the one posted on posted 12-May-2009 7:47pm

What are you and why am i getting charged from you guys.
posted 14-May-2009 11:11pm

I don't know who put this service on our cell lines, but I want it taken off.
posted 15-May-2009 7:35pm

Charged my phone for no reason. Verizon says they have no contact info for this company even though they are billing for the service.
posted 17-May-2009 2:06pm

text "stop" to 44123 and it should stop.
posted 20-May-2009 2:13am

posted 21-May-2009 10:58pm

what tha hell???? I have 9.99 taken from my cell phone account and top it off I am on prepaid. you dont use prepaid for crap like this and nothing in inbox or outbox messeges. give me my money back or else I'll contact B.B.B.
posted 23-May-2009 11:10am

got a charge for this, 9.99. verizon gave me # to call and stop this. 888-801-6720. we did not initiate any contact with this service, nor did we get any messages, just the charge on the bill.
posted 23-May-2009 3:50pm

Hot chick
posted 25-May-2009 7:52pm

I had the same problem- randomly got a charge from Verizon. I had never heard of this company and never got any messages, so the charge was completely out of the blue. Definitely a scam- not happy with Verizon's response that my complaint is with the other company. Verizon charged me, so as far as I am concerned they should help deal with this problem.
posted 26-May-2009 7:26pm

Randomly got a charged from AT&T YOU SUCK!
posted 26-May-2009 7:33pm

Call your cell provider. This charge popped up on my kid's phone and AT&T gave me a credit. They can block any application that charges money from your phone. They will issue a password that you can use if you do want to actually buy something - like a ring tone.
This is really upsetting when it pops up on the phone of a minor. HOwever, thankfully, it can be prevented.
posted 28-May-2009 9:09pm

I text stop to 44123 and they said I was not a member but they are still charging me if they do it again I will take legal Action and someone will get fired
posted 28-May-2009 10:02pm

I just got a $200 charge from these people, Verizon thankfully credited my account since the phone belongs to my son who is only 12 years old! They also put a block on these type of messages. Call your provider and get this block put on your number too.
posted 30-May-2009 2:15pm

This is my issued company verizon work phone. I do not pay the bill, it is only for work purposes, my job does! I NEVER purchased cellflirt chat but it is showing up on the bill as if I did. What kind of an ass would I be to do that on my company phone?? How can they just put that on there like that????
From NYC
posted 30-May-2009 10:22pm

the f*ck with this sh*t, what the hell! i got charged too !! and idk what this is and never ever heard of it.
WHOEVER GOT THIS CHARGE IN HIS/HER PHONEBILL CALL IMMEDIATELY TO YOU PHONE COMPANY!!!!!! mand thats a funny way of getting money, stupid bastards
posted 31-May-2009 6:54pm

I am a verizon subscriber and also got charged for this service. I am supposed to have these kinds of things already blocked, so I think I also have a beef with verizion as well as the slimy jerks a Cellflirt.
posted 1-Jun-2009 2:02am

please explain how to stop servies from cellflirt on my phone.
posted 1-Jun-2009 3:16pm

I got charged too! Verizon said text UNSUBSCRIBE STOP. Just plain stop may not work!
posted 1-Jun-2009 6:57pm

I also received 2 charges from cellflirt for $9.99 each. I think it has something to do with Facebook. A friend sent me an invitation to take an IQ test on Facebook. After that, to get my score I had to give my cell phone number and that's when this cellflirt text came up. It said if I wanted to unsubscribe, to text STOP to the text. I did, but still got charges. I have sent them an email to: I have not received a response yet.
posted 1-Jun-2009 7:33pm

Hey if you people have taken facebook IQ test and had to put in your number. That is probably what it is from. Otherwise I don't know what to tell you. I just found out we were billed because of this too.
posted 1-Jun-2009 9:52pm

How Do I Stop This Txt Me How Please 702 349 5719
tired of being ripped off
posted 1-Jun-2009 9:59pm

I was told cellflirt was a third party company by my cell phone provider and they have no control over them. you may have to contact your attorney generals office to stop it once and for all. Cellflirt claims to have cancelled the subscription i did not request but i do not plan to stop there.
tired of being ripped off
posted 1-Jun-2009 10:16pm

the main contact at the florida attorney general office is Alexis Lambert 850-245-0140. i plan to call. please call your states also.
posted 3-Jun-2009 9:09pm

how do i get to to i have text stop to cancel 3x's now and they keep charging me, this is rediculous, i have a boost prepaid phone and just added $20 and they have charged me twice in the past 3 days, $6.99 for this service i never requested, guess ive been scammed, how do i get this to stop happening???????????? please help thank you
Made as Hell
posted 4-Jun-2009 7:58pm

I'm getting charge to and text stop and its says Im not a subsciber thtn why in the hell im getting charge
posted 5-Jun-2009 8:29am

I have been charged $19.99 for something I never purchased and used. It says I am not a subscriber?????? So, why the charge???
posted 5-Jun-2009 1:57pm

Have any of you taken an IQ test on facebook and had the results sent to your phone? I'm certain that's one way this happens . . . Very shady business practices~!
posted 5-Jun-2009 10:50pm

I need this taken off my phone or my lawyer will be contacting this company. We have our way of finding you so don't fudge with me.
posted 5-Jun-2009 10:50pm

Yes, this happened from a FaceBook IQ test to my husband today! He texted stop back, so hopefully that takes care of it!
posted 9-Jun-2009 9:22pm

i mistaken and press the wrong button so can you cancel this now
posted 11-Jun-2009 12:28pm

I hope whoever does their billing has a heart-attack and freaking dies
posted 11-Jun-2009 4:08pm

Just got our phone bill today. Had a $9.99 charge for Cellflirt Text Chat...never heard of them!! Called ATT and the customer service rep put a "purchase blocker" on both our lines. While going thru this process, he also noticed another $9.99 charge that will show up on next month's bill. He credited both charges and the purchase blocker will prevent any further charges. His advice: NEVER PUT YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER ONLINE!
posted 11-Jun-2009 10:11pm

DAMNIT!!!!!!! i want this crap off of my cell phone....definitely contacting
Verison to put a block on you...i never signed up for this Cellflirt crap....
posted 12-Jun-2009 10:02am

Would it help if you changed your number?
Extremely Angry at AT&T
posted 12-Jun-2009 11:21am

I was charged by AT&T $9.99 for something I neither allow on my phone nor ordered. I called AT&T and told them to delete the charge and block the line for access to the Internet and Text Messaging. I was told that after I pay for it on the present Bill that I would be credited that amount on my next Bill. They had better do it or I'm going to drop AT&T after having had them as my carrier for the last 16 years.
Divorced & still getting stung.
posted 12-Jun-2009 11:32am

I had my Ex on my family plan and kept her on it because I harbor no ill feelings towards her. Today I get my phone bill and find a charge of $9.99 plus tax for something called Cellflirt. I called AT&T and told them to not only take the charge off of my bill but to also block that line from accessing the internet to make purchases that would be charged to my phone and also block any Text Messages going out or coming in. The AT&T Rep. assured me that the line was blocked. I would have to pay the charge this month but that it would be credited back to me next month.
posted 12-Jun-2009 11:39am

im a kid rite. and i took the iq test on facebook. on my bloodlines acount so i cud get like credits and buy stuff for my vamp. and now i have cellflirt i txted back immediatly for them to stop and tht was 2 months ago this month i got 2 charges on my phone bill frum them and now i owe my dad a crapload of money how do i get this thing off my phone?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
posted 12-Jun-2009 1:00pm

This is the most fraudulant way to run a business..... I have had this charge with absolutely no initial involvement from me. I think they have a database and charge calls with the hope that noone will see the charge to dispute. I had my cell phone company block this and they refunded the charges stating to me that thay get 100's of these calls a month. My cell phone carrier states that it is fraudulant and that people need to file complaints with the Attorney General from their state. The more complaints the better, this is the only way to stop this. just look at those car warranty calls, those have now been made illegal, and have stopped.
posted 13-Jun-2009 2:49am

Whare are my 08teens at
posted 13-Jun-2009 4:12pm

i received my ATT bill and noticed a charge for CellFlirt for $9.99.Facebook friends be aware that when you take IQ test and they ask for a cell # to give you your answers they are also charging you a fee!!one that will renew each month wheather you use it or,you should carefully check over your bill and call your phone co. for credit!!i was charged $70.00.!!!!
posted 14-Jun-2009 2:43pm

Just had exactly the same thing happen to me. What an outrageouly sleazy way to run a business. The FCC or BBB needs to shut these people down. There's no way it should be that easy to accidentally sign up for a service you never intended to sign up for.
posted 16-Jun-2009 12:39pm

I also took the IQ test via Facebook, got a text msg immediately from CellFlirtCHAT. I sent the text back to unsubscribe. Now I have a $9.99 charge on my Sprint bill. I don't recall any heads up messages of forewarning 'you will be charged'. SCAM. I'm reporting this to Sprint.
posted 16-Jun-2009 1:57pm

These bastards need to rot in hell for scamming millions of people. I think Facebook should also be held responsible and should block cellflirt from scamming their members.
screw face book and cellflirt
posted 16-Jun-2009 3:32pm

i never signed up for this bull crap but i will be pressing charges if they really took money from my account because i never gave them my account information nor did i give them my permission to withdraw money from it. i think face book should have to pay for scamming their members
posted 17-Jun-2009 7:48am

I contacted Sprint Customer Service via email and I received a response within 4 hours. They are removing the $9.99 charge, with no questions asked. It appears this is a known issue with their customers and a troubling one.
posted 17-Jun-2009 5:25pm

how do i get to to What a scam. I am call Verizon back. I Want these charges off my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
posted 17-Jun-2009 5:26pm

Also which out for also a scam
posted 17-Jun-2009 9:27pm

I am with Alltel just got $9.99 3 times on the same bill. No phone number nothing. Amazing that Anyone can charge anything on anyone's phone. Sick of these scam artists. I am 50 and happily married I don't need this scum Lovesoulmate and Cellflirt crap.
posted 17-Jun-2009 9:44pm

This is the information that I found on Cellflirt.

Lagardere Active North America
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA. 20172-0447
posted 18-Jun-2009 2:31am

How the frick can people use your phone number like a credit card? How can phone companies allow this to happen? This totally sucks.
are you for real
posted 18-Jun-2009 10:01pm

I cannot belive that you took money from me for textn flirt messages i have a message plan i want my money back now i called my company and they said tey would put a stop on my phone so you cant do it again how can you do this when i didnt sign up for it?
Dawne Myers
posted 19-Jun-2009 4:43pm

I want the charge you put on my altell phone account for 9.99, which I do not use. So please reveral charges back to altell account in the amount of 9.99. as soon as possible , they are waiting for cellfirt. to get charges taken off my phone services. thanks so much Dawne Myers
posted 22-Jun-2009 9:40am

My son took an IQ test on facebook. I guess he had to give his phone number to get the results. He did not realize a monthly subscription was tied into getting the results. I found out about it because of a $9.99 charge on his phone bill. My son was clueless on who Cellflirt was but he remembered taking an IQ test. AT&T gave me credit for the unauthorized charge, cancelled the bogus subscription and put a purchase block on cellflirt. It is definitely unethical what cellflirt is doing and borderline criminal. I wonder how many people are paying for it every month and they don't even realize it?
G in Tennessee
posted 22-Jun-2009 12:43pm

i have been cornholed by this scam also.
posted 23-Jun-2009 3:05am

I called Sprint after the same thing happened to me. The stupid IQ test. I was told to enter the #44123 and text the word " unscribe". I asked if I should file and online report to the FCC. He said,"you can if you want but this will keep us from excepting charges from them. MY point is IT WON'T STOP THEM! Please take the time to fill out the online "SLAMMING" for at the FCC website. Just the number of people venting on this site should be enough to get them SHUT DOWN, AND PROSOCUTED!!
Please thake the 10 minute to fill your Slamming report. These weasels list no way to call and cancel... what slim balls. I want them to do some time for the probable hundreds of thousands the are making monthly. What spinless scam artists.
posted 23-Jun-2009 3:09am

So Sorry, I didn't proff read my post just above this post @3:05am / 23-Jun-2009.
The word to send in the text to #44123 is "UNSUBSCRIBE". Sorry about the typo.
posted 23-Jun-2009 3:48pm

How in the hell do you text 44123 to get these thiefes to quit robbing you?
johhny hammersticks
posted 23-Jun-2009 4:25pm

if you take the quizzes on facebook and have them sent to your phone the cellflirt company charges you a monthly fee even after you have text stop thats bullcrap and illegal the only way to stop it is to let everyone on facebook know not to take these quizzes
posted 23-Jun-2009 8:01pm

I have never subscribed & got a charge from AT&T
bunch of scamming crooks
gunna kill some 1
posted 24-Jun-2009 9:30pm

this is bull crap to charge me for somthing i never purchased but im glad that i blocked mine and my kids number from these people
posted 25-Jun-2009 3:39pm

Call them at Phone: 212-767-5200 and ask for a refund.
posted 26-Jun-2009 11:35am

I also took the IQ test on Facebook. I was charged 9.99 from celflirt. This is the biggest scam I have ever seen! Also, ringtones charged me 9.99 for a subscription to that that I didn't want. I have been all morning trying to get this mess straightened out with the phone company. I asked them if this was legal and evidently it must be.
The FFC should do something!
posted 27-Jun-2009 3:24pm

Identical experience for me - took the IQ quiz because it appeared several of my Facebook friends had also taken it; made the stupid mistake of giving them my cell # to "get my results"; realized something was fishy when I immediately got the text talking about a subscription chat service and attempted to un-enroll. Opened my Verizon bill today and found a 9.99 charge on it. Companies who do business like this need to be stopped - make formal complaints to your phone company, the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General's office of the state Cellflirt does business from (Virginia?) Maybe if they receive enough complaints someone will look into their business practics and shut them down.
posted 27-Jun-2009 7:03pm

I got charged from this website as well. When I called verizon to inquire about this 9.99 charge plus all the taxes added of course, the lady said companies like this can get your number to use from things even like voting for tv shows such as American Idol or Deal or no Deal! Such a scam!
posted 29-Jun-2009 4:32pm

facebook is the freakin reason for all this crap. ive never texted the word love to any freakin number and this charge was on my freakin phone bill. why??? facebook needs to just be deleted from the internet. all it does is rip people off and im tired of it!!!!!! its the worst website on the internet!!! i deleted mine a few minutes ago!!!! ugh. whoever created facebook needs to stop. they suck at making websites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 29-Jun-2009 5:21pm

do u text unsubscribe stop? or just plain stop? or just unsubcribe? would getting your number changed help? ugh. i am sick and tired of this!!
posted 30-Jun-2009 9:42am

Cellflirt Text Chat is a scam. Contact your attorney's general.
posted 30-Jun-2009 10:08am

To stop a subscription, text STOP to the Short Code (44123) using the mobile phone associated with those charges.
posted 30-Jun-2009 12:20pm

I also got a charge for cellflirt, 9.99, because i did an IQ test on Facebook and it told me to put in my # to get my score. i UNKNOWINGLY subscribe...apparently. I IMMEDIATELY texted "stop" but from what i've heard this does not stop the charges... i guess i have to call AT&T. This freakin pisses me off so much that some sleazy company is taking advantage of people who never asked for this crap.
posted 2-Jul-2009 5:07pm

posted 2-Jul-2009 6:18pm

text the words STOP ALL to 44123 and they will unsubscribe you. I'd been receiving these text for about 4 months and I was sick of it.
posted 3-Jul-2009 2:08am

Got scammed too. Ironic that it's an IQ test that gets you suckered . . .
posted 3-Jul-2009 8:45am

my wife took iq test and we have cellflirt,premium content,and gamerdata added
to our alltel bill for only 29.97 plus tax a month. Too bad we can't find any
contact info to stop these charges we didn't order. Beware of the mouse cursor.
posted 4-Jul-2009 8:23am

I donot understand how I got this added to my verizon service. I want to raise hell about it but who do you contact for this info. I never signed anything, I did not ask to even have this service
Pissed off to the max
posted 4-Jul-2009 9:22am

I never signed up for this service & have never used it, how in the hell do u unsunbscribwe from this bullcrap?I guess a freakin' ph # woulld be to much to ask for.There needs to be a class action suit filed against theses people. I have never used the fudgein thing, what is it.
posted 4-Jul-2009 12:25pm

I took a uiz on facebook and you asked for my cell phone number. I got a text message from you saying you renewed my contract. I never agreed or asked for this service. You are telling me you are charging me 9.99. I am very angry that you are such thieves. Get my number off your list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 4-Jul-2009 12:46pm

I hate them
posted 5-Jul-2009 2:16pm

I did the facebook iq test and got CHarged!!! hopefully since i texted stop. It will solve the problem but here you guys go.
To report an abuse, please email or call 888-801-6720. Provide screen name and incidents you are reporting.
posted 6-Jul-2009 10:53am

I did not subcribe to this damn crap,and I want it stopped immediately!!!!! If it isn't stopped I will contact my attorney!!!!!!!!
posted 6-Jul-2009 10:56am

Do not send me anymore of these damn things on my phone!!!!! I did not subscribe to it and you can just take my number out of your list immediately or else I will be forced to seek legal help!!!!!!!!
posted 6-Jul-2009 10:57am

I better not get anymore of this crap or I will seek legal help!!!!!!!
posted 6-Jul-2009 7:31pm

I had the same thing happen to me. I called Verizon and they would not do anything about it. The Verizon Rep told me to text 44123 with the word STOP. I explained that i did not want to do that because then I would be charged for sending and receiving a text. I am already being charged 9.99 for the Cellflirt 1.20 for the text they sent me and .40 for the text I sent in response to their text asking them to stop. What else can I do?
posted 6-Jul-2009 7:48pm

The same thing happened to me and i am on my boyfriends account. how does that make me look. verizon said to call 44123 STOP but they blocked these types of messages from my phone today. So how the hell am i supposed to stop this???
posted 8-Jul-2009 6:47pm

i canceled cellflirt last month and i was charged 9.99 again this month. i texted you again and it said that you canceled it last month, but i still recieved a charge. please take me off and refund my money. my adress is 10450 so lawndale chgo. illinois 60655. u.s cellular is my carrier.

thank you christine barcelona
posted 8-Jul-2009 8:59pm

how do i stop the charges?
posted 9-Jul-2009 11:15am

I had same exact thing happen to me like everyone else. I took a dumb IQ test and had to put in my number for the results... BS never do that again! Just saw a $9.99 charge on my phone bill. Going to sprint to see if they'll do anything about it. I'm not going to even try to contact cellflirt or whatever they're ass raping name is.

here is their website info:
Whois Record

Lagardere Active North America
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA. 20172-0447


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Lagardere Active North America

c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447

Record expires on 10-Oct-2009.
Record created on 27-Sep-2006.
Database last updated on 8-Jul-2009 05:16:25 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:

posted 9-Jul-2009 2:34pm

This is terrible. I
posted 9-Jul-2009 2:36pm

posted 9-Jul-2009 11:05pm

So, Cellflirt may be located offshore, as a lot of internet scam artists are.
posted 9-Jul-2009 11:21pm

It appears that the parent company may be Lagardčre SCA, a French conglomerate.
posted 9-Jul-2009 11:38pm

Cellflirt is a Trademark of Cellfish Media, LLC. It appears that Cellfish Media LLC is located in New York city.
posted 10-Jul-2009 2:14pm

I just received my cell bill and saw a charge of $9.99 for Cellflirt that I NEVER ordered. I called T-Mobile and they told me to call the cellflirt number which is just a recording. The only information I received was an email address for Cellflirt and when I sent them an email telling them to disconnect me and credit my account, they are just ignoring me.
posted 10-Jul-2009 6:41pm

What I don't understand is how can the phone companies entertain these people when they are scamming people out of their money? If you didn't check your phone bill carefully you wouldn't even realise!!!
posted 11-Jul-2009 3:02pm

I have twice followed the instructions given to me by my cell phone company yet, the charge continues on my bill. Cell Flirt changes the message the number the code you're suposed to text to quit servie. I tried to report this robbery to the FDA but they are only interested in unsolicited phone calls that you answer.
posted 12-Jul-2009 10:25pm

Ur service sucks and i want my money back now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Anonymous
posted 13-Jul-2009 3:28am

I texted "STOP" (all in caps) to 441-23 and it sent me a message back confirming that i unsubscribed.
posted 14-Jul-2009 7:59pm

ATT was fast it issue a refund once I caught this - and put on a purchase blocker so no one else can repeat this scam.
posted 16-Jul-2009 9:59am

For 2 months now I have had charges from Cellflirt on my cell phone bill. US Cellular has blocked you people. I paid last months bill because I thought with the blocking, I wouldn't be charged again. But, lo and behold, the charges are there again along with more scams like funmobile (which it isn't) and Official IQ Quiz and Personal Psychic. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau who said there are so many complaints like this and they are investigating. I filled out a report, so I'm sure you'll be hearing from them soon. There should be a law against what you people are doing. Any legitimate company doing business this way should be prosecuted. How can you sleep at night???

posted 17-Jul-2009 8:49am

Husband found a 9.99 charge on our Sprint bill to MY cellphone number from CellFlirtCHAT. Never taken a FB IQ quiz, and have NO idea how it got on the bill. Didn't get any texts from CellFish or anything.

Because we do not purchase any "extras" on our bills ever, Sprint took the charge off immediately and unsubscribed for me. They also put a purchase blocker on all 3 of our cell numbers to avoid this in the future.

Sprint said CellFlirt sent ME a text asking me to reply to subscribe and I know for a FACT that I did not! I never, ever subscribe to anything! I am glad it showed up on my cell phone number and not my 15 year old's...we would have a hard time believing that she didn't actually sign up for this piece of crap~!
posted 20-Jul-2009 3:04pm

I see I'm not the only one who received this charge! This is rediculous, can't the phone companies do something about this!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 20-Jul-2009 3:10pm

The problem that I have with this site is that there was unauthorized download & billing from my cellphone. I have contacted my wireless carrier and they told me that I had to either call you or e-mail you. There was no satisfaction with calling the 888 number as I needed to text you. I do not wish to text you with my request and this is the only place on this site that I have found to send an e-mail. I would appreciate removal of your site from my cellphone and all charges be dropped and that because of the unauthorized use of the cellphone to download this site that the 9.99 be credited back to my billing with my carrier. All apps to the cellphone have now be blocked from receiving anything further from this site. My suggestion to you is that you e-mail me @ and we get this resolved, or the other alternative is to send a complaint to the FCC, of which they are always happy to resolve these types of issues, which I'm sure would not be good for you. Thank you and have a really good day.
posted 20-Jul-2009 7:51pm

WOW!!!! I am shocked to the response of all your complaints. I myself knew I never signed up for this cellflirt. Im happily married and dont need this service. How I was signed up for it I dont know. But it wasnt until I got a renewal notice that I figured out you guys were scamming me. I will contact the BBB as to this frustrating unauthorized charging and signing up you do to people. My bill is the same monthly and when my service was disconnected for the 20.00 you added to my bill this means war,.....Whats even worse is they trick you by sending you a invitation to take an IQ test that your friend thinks theyre smarter than you. Your friend never sent the invite its the crooked company.
very Fing mad
posted 20-Jul-2009 10:35pm

give me my money back!i want my $9.99 !! i could of wasted that on dollar menu!
posted 21-Jul-2009 10:48am

please unscribe me
posted 21-Jul-2009 1:07pm

Their phone number is 888-801-6720 and on the web at Text stop to 44123 and the service stops.
posted 21-Jul-2009 7:50pm

I was also charged. Here is the number to opt out. Verizon credited me 9.99 and gave me this number 888-801-6720 and blocked them too!! I am not sure if I got it from facebook or twitter.
posted 22-Jul-2009 2:39pm

I don't even knoww how to text/ Spent 10 minutes talking to ATT to get rid of this. Something should be done about this-what a scam. Pissed
posted 22-Jul-2009 9:47pm

I called the 888-801-6720 and they said get on line for This charge had better be taken off my phone because I have not
texted anyone. Don't even know if I have it on my phone. If this is not taken off. you will be hearing from my attorney.
posted 23-Jul-2009 12:46pm

Stop- 44123
posted 23-Jul-2009 12:51pm

Please take charges off my phone. Don't know how to text. Even if I did don't have anyone to text/ Please STOP!
posted 25-Jul-2009 12:11pm

9 times out ten you or someone that knows your phone number visited a porn website. Your cell phone number was entered and for billing to view the site. If you text stop and call your cell phone provider you should be fine. AT&T now offeres mobile subcription block. You block any charges. If you want to purchase ring tones screen saver etc, you enter your pin number to remove the block. That way you know about any charges on your phone.
posted 27-Jul-2009 11:36pm

CellflirtTM is a Trademark of Cellfish Media, LLC

Cellflirt Subscription Service: By signing up for Cellflirt, you agree to pay $9.99/month for unlimited messages on Alltel Wireless, AT&T, Cellcom, Cellular One, Cincinnati Bell,Eastern Kentucky Network, Immix Wireless, Nextel, Sprint, nTelos, Rural Cellular, T-MobileŽ, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, Centennial Wireless $6.99/month unlimited messages on Boost, and $.50/message received on Cricket charged to your wireless bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Standard message charges apply. You acknowledge that you are 18 or older and have read and agree to our service Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Requires text-enabled handset. Service will continue until customer cancels. You may cancel your subscription by texting STOP to 44123 or by contacting us via email. If you subscribe to multiple services, you may be prompted to specify which services you wish to cancel. Please direct all email inquiries or REPORT ABUSE to or call 888-801-6720. You can also get info directly on phone by texting HELP to 44123. Persons depicted in this website are models and not actual subscribers used for illustrative purposes. Entertainment purposes only.

Cellflirt Transactional: By signing up for Cellflirt, you agree to pay $0.50 per message received. Charged to your wireless bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Standard message charges apply. You acknowledge that you are 18 or older and have read and agree to our service Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Available on Boost, Nextel, Sprint, T-MobileŽ, Verizon Wireless, Alltel Wireless, AT&T, Cincinnati Bell, Cricket, Eastern Kentucky Network, Immix Wireless, nTelos, Rural Cellular, US Cellular, Virgin Mobile. Requires text-enabled handset. Service will continue until customer cancels. You may cancel by texting STOP to 44123 or by contacting us via email. If you subscribe to multiple services, you may be prompted to specify which services you wish to cancel. Please direct all email inquiries or REPORT ABUSE to or call 888-801-6720. You can also get info directly on phone by texting HELP to 44123. Persons depicted in this website are models and used only for illustrative purposes. This service employs operators paid for chat participation. Entertainment purposes only. bazazjazceg
posted 28-Jul-2009 12:08am

Please Discontinue my service and refund my charges. I never signed up for this and cannot stop it because I can not text from my phone. You may contact me at
posted 28-Jul-2009 11:16am

I have no clue what this cell flirt is but I got charged 9.99 on my phone bill. Why?? Who can I talk to about this. I called and it was just a voice machine talking and I text STOP to 44123 and I recieved a text message back saying I was not subscribed so why did I get charged?
M. Holloway
posted 28-Jul-2009 11:21am

Like everyone else, I have had two charges from Cell Flirt on my Verizon Wireless bill, which they say they cannot refund (even though I am paying them the money) because Cellflirt charged them and they have paid. I personally think that complaining to the Attorney General's office (Consumer complaint division) for both Cellflirt and Verizon is the way to go. Verizon won't stop allowing this scam unless they stand to lose for it. I was told by a Verizon employee that they never used to carry this kind of service until recently because "so many people wanted it." Baloney. I think they are in bed with this scam because they can make money off it. It's all about GREED people. Well....I have learned never to take any tests over the computer and to use Facebook for what it was intended, to keep up with family and friends. I was also told that the Cellflirt scam can, and will, probably change it's name again, so they will be harder to locate.I think we should write letters to the editor of our local newspapers to alert others to this scam. There must be thousands of people who are paying these inflated bills because they either aren't noticing the extra charges or because they just aren't aware that this can be done. Believe me, all the phone carriers must be making a bundle off it and would be in big trouble if they had to refund everyone who complains. Call your senator's office and let him know about this....I think we should call 20/20 or Dateline and ask them to investigate and do a segment on this problem. Obviously from the amount of traffic on this one site, they would have lots of viewers! How dare Cellflirt do business like this!? It is STEALING from innocent people. Unfortunately, they are probably only one of many who will begin to scam the public through phoney charges both on phone bills and credit card bills. There should be a law against "trial memberships" that you have to do something to cancel.....they know people will forget and not do anything until they have gotten at least one or two or more payments from you. In this economy there are greedy vultures looking to see who they can take from.....and it's wise for us to do everything we can to audit our finances, our bills, and all the itemizations! Good luck everyone. Continue to spread the word about cellflirtscam!
Jeremy Brown
posted 28-Jul-2009 5:54pm

I dont know how the bill got on my phone bill but im sure from reading from the other pissed off people, that it is from taking a quiz on FB. This is crap and should not be allowed by law. This makes me look so bad to my wife to. And the funny thing is you cant call and talk to someone to even confirm that this has never been used.
posted 29-Jul-2009 8:04pm

i canceled this from my minor childs account and they are still billing me so i see no other choice other than to contact the FBI about it and mindquiz..
posted 30-Jul-2009 12:32am

Wow, this is really amazing. I have Alltel as my service carrier and I did not read from anyone else that had Alltel as their carrier. I did text "STOP" to them when I just received a text saying that they just charged me again. I had seen the charge on my bill a week ago and had been out of town since then and meant to call Alltel ask what this charge was. I wish I had done it sooner. Yikes. I hope I can get Alltel to refund my money . I never signed up for this but just bought a new Blackberry and thought that maybe I had signed up for something by accident when getting it set up. Now I realize that it was probably from the facebook quiz. What a scam. I emailed the support email address too and I hope it helps. This is such a bunch of crap. I have much better things to do than deal with this s*&%t.
posted 30-Jul-2009 12:52pm

A $9.99 charge showed up on my Credo bill. My daughter spent a couple of hours trying to "fix" the problem. After googling, I find this site which clued us in that it was not an isolated incident. The FCC should intervene with scams like these.
posted 31-Jul-2009 9:38pm

I was charged $9.99 on my cell phone bill. I messaged cellflirt and said to cancel. I received a message back saying that I was not a customer. If I am not, then why and how am I getting billed. I never signed up for this. I started to take the IQ Test but when they asked for my number, I stopped everything. How they got my number is beyond me as I never put it in. I tried calling that 888 number and all you get is recording, you don't get to talked to anyone. So I called that number that was in the comment section and I got an answer machine, leave your name and number and some one will get back with you. Well I am still waiting.
posted 2-Aug-2009 8:09pm

This is Bullcrap where is the law when u need them this is bullcrap for real......!
posted 5-Aug-2009 2:23pm

i just noticed it on my husbands cell bill. thank godness i researched it first, but i had fun jacking with him about flirting on his phone. that was fun. then i told him what to do to unsubscribe after reading all the feedback. thanks for the help
posted 8-Aug-2009 9:28pm

I wish to register a complaint, this cell service is a pain in the ass. I cannot text on my phone so I cannot get rid of this service. Celflirt needs to be siux for harassment.
posted 9-Aug-2009 1:17am

Just realized I have been ripped off by this company and also iq quiz. For the past 2 months I have been charged 9.99 twice. About 40.00 in 2 weeks. I am a member of facebook and did take the test everyone is talking about didnt get my results just ripped off. If you dont have texting on your phone. The number to the cellflirt place is 888-801-6720. I called and canceled my subsription. They are closed now but will hear from me tomorrow. Also my cell phone company. US Cellular.
posted 9-Aug-2009 10:25am

Here is how you deal with it: go to
And then proceed with what they ask. At the end you will be able to cancel that subscription and even get the refund.

Sherry Wright
posted 14-Aug-2009 6:20pm

I would advise you to refund the $9.99 from my CREDO phone bill. I tried to text back with "unsubscribe" and it was rejected.....I WILL be contacting the Better Business Bureau next week if this charge is not refunded. You can bet on it!!!!
posted 14-Aug-2009 10:44pm

I did not sign up for this. And I am going to get it stopped. I don't how but I will
posted 20-Aug-2009 4:46pm

I also recieved a 9.99 charge and called at&t about it they put a puchase block on and credited the money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!
posted 21-Aug-2009 9:13pm

I have a $101.89 worth of charges from this group on my 12 year old nephews phone that he has not even used in over a month. Verizon told me I had to pay it but they have blocked Premimum Text Messages from his phone from now on. How can they do this?????
posted 21-Aug-2009 9:15pm

Why does ATT reimburse for this and Verizon does not? What a scam! Guess I will be switching my cell service.
posted 21-Aug-2009 9:41pm

I got nailed from the facebook scam. If you had a decent product to sell, people would buy it. Too bad you have to cheat people out of money. Sad life you must have.
posted 2-Sep-2009 10:33am

It should BE OUTLAWED that you CANNOT charge anything to a phone number as they are all easily accessable online.
posted 5-Sep-2009 10:26pm

I have tried to cancel my subscription with cellflirt, at least 15 times!!, I answered a quiz on facebook, and somehow they started to bill my phone for this service, and they will not cancell, I do not want to turn my phone off, but verizon isn't giving me much choice!!!!!!!!
posted 11-Sep-2009 7:14pm

I am planning to file a legal action against them. stay tune.
posted 15-Sep-2009 2:17pm

Reading these comments really helped me feel a little better. Now i know how they got my number. The I.D. test on facebook im guessing! I don't feel alone anymore. I finally got an operator on the phone whem i called the 888-801-6720 # & i couldn't hardly understand anythine she said! I'm suppose to get an email in a few days to show me how to get my refund. We'll see if that happens!!! They say u can text to stop the service but I WANT MY MONEY REFUNDED!! I was charged 2x for this crap!
posted 15-Sep-2009 2:20pm

I agree with M.Holloway. We should get hold of Dateline or 20/20!!
posted 30-Sep-2009 3:49pm

This company is deceptive. That all you need to know. Don't take their silly, idiotic, and erroneous IQ test for your phone number, you will be sorry!
posted 3-Oct-2009 11:28pm

What the heck ??
This is the biggest scam ever ! 9.99 for something I have never heard of.
I have 3 charges and cannot get this "subscription" stopped.
Unless I get credit, my next call will be to a local TV station that exposes scams!
I can't believe ATT would allow this decption to happen to their customers.
posted 7-Oct-2009 3:46pm

This is a bunch of BS!!! Just found out this company has been billing our SPRINT acct. that has several phones for many, many months and did not have authorization to do so. I complained to SPRINT and was told that it must be caught within the first 3 months for THEM to do anything about it and that it would be up to ME to deal with this!!! I am consulting my attorney and will prosecute if not every single penny is put back in the account. Here is info for contacting the company:

NEW YORK, NY 10019

posted 13-Oct-2009 11:29pm

yes I do I'm a cricket subscriber and I want to know why I only get so much text time a month an dthen youi say that you will let me know when I can chat again and don't let me use this service for at least two months I pay my bills and us emy phone as much as I want I even contacted cricket to find why and they don't have an answer for me either you guys get my money I pay and when ever you feel like you cut me off I don't think thats far I pay for my services and if you don"t want my money I won't use you any more rite now I'm subscribed and I can't chat with anyone this pisses me off not that you all care. I can't believe your service is so crapty R A C
posted 14-Oct-2009 7:03pm

Just rcvd my first "cellflirt"text this am. Later in the day rcvd several text saying- who's this? I called the cell company AT&T and they did some updated to my phone and told me to call back if it does not stop in 24hrs. They also told me to reply; stop, quit, cancel. I did not take a test on line or on my phone. I think someone else may have done it and used my cell number. The problem is.. you dont know if someone randomly entered your cell, if it was an error or if someone did it intentional.
posted 18-Oct-2009 2:26pm

my son happened to look at his phone and it was loading something and then we see a charge on our phone for no reason for 6.99 someones scaming us. better keep a close eye on our bills better i guess.
posted 20-Oct-2009 7:20pm

how did i get this on my cell phone and how do I get off? I am paying $9.99 each month and I have no idea how you. AT&T and I will have a chat tomorrow since their business office is not open today.
posted 27-Oct-2009 10:07pm

This is completely outragous. The same thing happened to me from that dumb IQ test on facebook. I am on the phone with sprint right now, although having gone in to the store, they wouldn't do anything to block it or reverse the charges. But the "tech support" over the phone are doing it for me. I think that's the best way to do it. I also tried texting "stop" and "unsubscribe" to 44123, in addition. FAcebook should be used VERY CAUTIOUSLY, and don't ever trust those quizzes and junk!!
posted 29-Oct-2009 10:37am

I finally found out what this was after they charged me for 2 months on my Verizon bill. Verizon told me to text '44123' and then in the message type 'Unsubscribe'. It worked. Cellflirt sent a message back saying I was unsubscibed. Verizon removed the 2 months of charges. (I do believe it has been happening though for at least six months)
posted 5-Nov-2009 3:22pm

all u have to do is text 44123.. stop or quit, or cancel and u will recieve a response saying ur "subscription" has been canceled. i was charged 9.99 for over a year and didnt know it! verizon gave me the directions to cancel, and it worked. good luck!
posted 5-Nov-2009 8:08pm

your service succks x1000000 x-------------- and so do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 13-Nov-2009 10:38pm

It's the facebook IT Quiz that causes the charges. Called verizon and they put a credit back to my account - and blocked cellflirtchat for good!
posted 21-Nov-2009 9:29am

Think ur mad?
posted 9-Dec-2009 7:13pm

Ok, so partially my fault for not paying more attention to our bill. However, we have kept a record of our T-mobile bills for over a year now and these charges have been there for at least that long on every bill every month! I have spoke with T-mobile and they have put a block on them at this point, however they could not guarantee we wouldn't be charged for them anymore. So my question is if we refuse to pay it then what can our carrier do since we're not technically paying them? I will do everything in my power to get my money back trust me.
Also so everyone knows, I never entered my phone number on any facebook anything. I have no idea where they got it so people beware!
posted 10-Dec-2009 3:10pm

do any of you guys know a guy buy the number of 44123
posted 11-Dec-2009 10:01pm

I also don't really pay attention to our bill every month (shame on me) but that changes today. We started getting charged back in May when my husband first joined facebook. I spoke with our carrier - AT&T and they have blocked this from happening again but there goes six months of charges. $60 dollars doesn't sound like much but with the economy the way it is, every penny counts. I think a company that is this underhanded deserves everything thats coming to them and I hope I have a part in bringing them down. I am going to do some research to find out what can be done. If I find anything out, I will come back to let everyone know! Good luck to all of you!
posted 15-Jan-2010 1:32am

I definitely did NOT enroll in this, and I want my $9.99 refunded.
posted 26-Jan-2010 9:13pm

Never signed up and I have two charges to my verizon wireless bill.
posted 25-Feb-2010 10:05pm

I just noticed a Premium TXT messaging charge of $9.99 on my Verizon bill. So I called them to find out why, guess I have been paying this charge for about a year now. I have now blocked all premium TXT messaging on both phones. This still pisses me off since I have never signed up for Cellflirt before.
posted 10-Mar-2010 5:03pm

If you received an unauthorized cellflirt text chat charge in your cell phone bill, just call your provider and they WILL reimburse the charges these bastards charged. I never realized that I was being charged until I checked the bill today (luckily) had to go back as far as July of 2009 to the present and fortunately AT&T did refund $76 for this unauthorized "subscription". Have your company put an pin blocker that way no third party companies can access your bill.
posted 13-Mar-2010 6:08pm

where in the us laws does it say we can screw each other. I just happened to look at my bill too, thinking i was just talking to much, and with me that wouldn't be hard but come on, somebody needs to get that husband does not have a cell phone and what if he were to be the one paying bills and saw this. after 38 years of marriage, that would really suck! can't trust anyone now a days!!!!!
smart one
posted 29-Mar-2010 2:16pm

read the terms and conditions you idiots
posted 4-Apr-2010 4:43pm

My wife is a cellflirt
posted 9-Apr-2010 11:52pm

I did not authorize cellflirt to charge me. How can we stop these @#@%^^#@ from doing this?
posted 14-Apr-2010 2:19pm

I must say, it was very comforting to know I am not the only person this happened to. I really appreciate all of the information from everyone who posted on this site. I had NO idea what this was or what was going on until I googled the description on my bill and this site popped up, so THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP!!! I did call my cell phone provider and Sprint was more than happy to credit my account for the charges and put a 3rd party block on my phone for free! So that is first and foremost we should all let our facebook family know about putting your cell phone number on there for all those games. Once everyone is aware of what could happen, they won't have any business to continue to do what they do! Thanks again to everyone, we can all make a difference!!!
posted 27-Apr-2010 2:43pm

Yes, I've been had... I never looked at my bill just pay the bottom line... and then I see the 9.99 this month... I called Verizon after 15 min on the phone I was told they would remove this months $ 9.99... I said great, so what about the past if there was a past? and they said no I would have to contact the code 44123 on goggle.
So far I figure they been doing this to me for I think 8 Year now... thats right 8 yrs they been stealing my money...and no help from anyone... I'm 62 year old man and I dont need this cellflirt and I dont need to be ripped off like this and neather does the rest of the folks of the USA... we need to get this resolved for all the People of AMERCIA...
posted 2-May-2010 1:06pm

I texted back to 44123 stating: 'STOP ALL'. I immediately received the following text message back: 'Cellflirt Chat: U are now unsubscribed from our service and will no longer receive messages or charges from 44123. We hope to see you back soon.' - Yeah right, I hope this works. I do NOT want to receive any more text messages from this site. This Cellflirt crap is such a friggin' scam!
posted 2-Jul-2010 12:13pm

Love44123 chat
posted 27-Sep-2010 1:40pm

Same thing happened to me with the Facebook/Cellflirt issue. I called AT&T and they reversed the charges and put a flag in my account to check every month for unauthorized charges from Cellflirt or any other downloads and automatically have them removed.
posted 4-Oct-2010 12:30pm

yea the cellflirt thing sucks anyone can say they 18 or older and get on their how do you know their old enough to even get on it the need to do something about that
posted 3-Nov-2010 5:37pm

Hello, Im another victim of these people. Sprint wont issue me a refund, fine. Does anyone know what action I can take to get my money back from Cellflirt? I have e-mailed them and left several messages @ 888-801-6720 with no response. Any help would be appreciated.
posted 12-Dec-2010 12:14am

I didn't even put in my phone number on facebook and they said I did...getting At&T to block this crap...
posted 16-Feb-2011 1:48pm

i hate cellflirt!!!!!
posted 29-Mar-2011 4:08am

How about the ad was on the mobile home page of Verizon Wireless go figure
posted 29-Mar-2011 4:17am

Everyone !! Try to contact>>> They OWN the website and have a support customer service email. if nothing else works that might Good luck to you all
posted 21-Apr-2011 2:24pm

Dwayne barrett eightball
posted 26-Apr-2011 9:28am

People can lick my balls, why is my girl getting this in the middle of the night? fudgeing slut America at its best. So what do you do? how did she get it? she claims innocence like everyone else. So what gives? these problems are old and still happening. Apparently all that calling and complaining did dick.
posted 29-Apr-2011 5:25pm

stop text cellfirt to my phonr 314 280 7911
posted 17-Aug-2011 11:13am

At least I am seeing the same issue with all these post's. I NEVER signed-up for this and I want it OFF my cell phone. This is how it appeared on my phone bill: Messaging Prem_SMS 44123 Cellflirt Chat. Like others above, I have no other way to make this request. Please stop immediately. 623-556-3680. Thank-you.
posted 20-Sep-2011 10:11am

I also got charged on my cellphone for Cellflirt, which I did not order from AT&T, I guess I been paying for this all along which I did not order through Verizon. I want my money back and hate the way Verizon is taking advantage of "VALUABLE CUSTOMERS". I think I may file a Lawsuit against AT&T. I DID NOT ORDER THIS "CELLFLIRT". VERIZON ALSO BLOCKED THE INTERNET ON MY CELLPHONE and now I get billed for $9.99 for a service I never knew existed. I was curious to see what this was about and enter my phone number and a pin number, and all I recieved on the INTERNET was BS.
posted 19-Oct-2011 1:43pm

I want to thanks cellflirt for they service i meet a wonderful man on this line and we are getting married next year thank you again
posted 29-Oct-2011 6:32pm

I am with t-mobile and noticed this charge of 9.99 on my bill. This piece of crap service does't even exsit cause i didn't sign up for it. It turns out that i got charged for 3 mnths of service. I called T-mobile and advised them and their going to fix it buttholes! aha you didn't win cellflirt cause i'm geeting my money back. I hope you get suied for all the money you collected. Karma's a bitch and by the way T-mobile knows your full of crap so their helping us. Good thing for GOOD cell phone companies, huh?
posted 9-Mar-2013 11:55am

i have a lot of experience and realishionship i know to many thing too
brent hollywood
posted 8-Apr-2013 10:11pm

Hit me up shortys

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