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Volkswagen The Force


A small child is seen walking down a white hall in a black Darth Vader costume. Darth Vader's ominious theme song plays in the background.

The child stand in front of an exercise bike extends his hands as if to use force powers on it. Nothing happens.

Next child dressed as Darth Vader holds his hands out in front of the family dog. A close-up shot of the dog shows it blinking. Little Darth seems frustated.

Next up, the washer/dryer. A full-body force power gesture is used to no effect. A small doll sitting on a bed with pastel polka dots site motionless as the little mini-Vader once again attempts in vain to cause some effect on it. Little Darth slumps in frustration. But, is then seen following the dog with arms out in a renewed attempt.

In the kitchen with mom now, little miss darth uses his force powers and a peanut butter and Jelly sandwhich moves into frame, but we see it is mom pushing it and not force powers. Darth puts his hand on his head.

Finally, we see a shiny new Volkswagen car drive up into the driveway. Dad gets out and walks into the house. Darth hears the car and turns his head. She runs to the car. Dad tries to give him a hug, but she waves him off and runs to the car. We see a shot of the dashboard and little Darth's head in front. Darth once again makes thusting gestures to apply force powers, this time on the just-parked car. Nothing happens, but Darth persists, focusing with his little hands. The Car then turns on, lights flash and engine vrooms. Darth jumps back 2 steps. We see a shot of dad with his car key dongle and presumably this thumb on he remote-start button. Darth turns with wonder toward his parents looking at him in the kitchen, than back at the Volkswagon Passat.

A black screen with white letters comes up. It says "The all-new 2012 Passat." In small print at the bottom: "* Available summer 2011. Expected MSRP: Base mode $20,590; V6 SEL shownn $32,950. excluding taxes, title, transportation, options and dealer charges. Dealers set actual price." The main text changes to, "Coming soon. Starting around $20,000*. A spiral wipe is done of the screen to replace the black/white with a Volkswagen logo against a faded blue/black background. Under the logo is says "Das Auto." and The wipe uses a Star Wars lightsaber sound effect.


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  7-Feb-2011 2:10pm created by bill
  7-Feb-2011 6:56pm last update by bill

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