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Verizon - Bears


We see a group of three young girls walking around inside a building. The wireless phone of the girl in the foreground rings. It's her mom. Mom tells her she needs to be home by five. The girl tries to pretend that the phone connection isn't work by imitating static noises. Her two friends join in. She hold the phone out while her friends make noises, trying to convince her mom. But, mom explains to her that they have Verizon, thus it's not possible for the connection to be bad. We see a shot of the Verizon guy from all those other commercials and behind him are tons of Verizon people, on the stairs and on a second floor balcony. It's a lot of people. The guy waves at the girl when she looks back at them. The girl tries to convince her mom that it's her home phone, but mom says it can't be because they have Verizon at home. We see mom in the kitchen, with all those Verizon people outside the windows. Then, another shot shows tons more Verizon people all around their house. They are wearing white construction hats. The girls pause, not knowing what to say in order to convince mom that they can't hear her and thus can't be home by five. Finally, one of the girls starts making bear noises. The girl on the phone heroically tries to sell the bears thing, but mom just shuts her down. She rolls her eyes and closes he phone, exasperated with her friends for coming up with the lame bear noises. Finally, we see a white/gray screen with red letters. The caption cycles through various phrases as an announcer gives up details: "Unlimited home calling + Wireless service", "$59.99 per month for one year", "Double the Reliability", "Double the Value". Under these message it says, " 1.888.858.2397" and some small hard to read text under that. Then we see the Verizon logo and, "It's the Network".


(phone rings) Hey mom. Hey Julie, I need you home by 5, OK? (fake static noises) Mom, I think it's breaking up. Honey, we have the Verizon network. Uh, maybe it's on your end? Nope, we have the Verizon Network at home now too. (fake bear noises) Mom, there's bears here. See you at 5. (fake bear noises trail off) Bears? Get Verizon home and Verizon wireless service together with unlimited calls between your wireless and home phones, starting at $59.99. Double the reliability, double the value. Verizon.


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  19-Nov-2007 3:49pm created by bill
  19-Nov-2007 6:56pm last update by bill

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