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Test Baby HomeAway Ministry of Detourism


A man with an English accent flying in a helicopter yells "Hello" to us. He tells us he is the minister of Detourism. The helicopter then hands near and odd cone-shaped building. The gets off the helicopter and runs as he says, "We're a secret government agency saving vacations."

In the next shot we are inside the odd conical building as the man walks by various glass-enclosed rooms. We see one that is labeled "HOTEL ROOM SIMULATOR", it has a time, date and other numbers on its window as well. The man says, "Families are getting swindled. Why, because hotels hate your guts."

We focus on a scene inside one of these rooms with a mom, dad and 2 young kids jumping on a bed. The mom says, "We need more room." The dad turns and is hit in the face with a pilow by one of his kids. A baby is somehow launched from a table into the glass window in front of us and occupies the entire screen for a moment. We see the words "TEST BABY" and hear them and the minister says it. The baby indeed looks like a doll of some kind. The baby slides to the ground and we see a shocked mother come into focus behind it.

"Rent a vacation home from" we hear the minister say ans he travels with the now happy family on an escaltor like moving walkway as they are surrounded by TV screens. "Space, privacy, Freedom!" We see the minister walking back out to his helicopter through a an errily lit corridor.

A final show of the odd conical building and a fade to a logo with "Why hotel when you can HomeAway" under it (the minister shouts this as well).


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  7-Feb-2011 2:40pm created by bill

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