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Scrubbing Bubbles


We see a shower head against a tile wall. A Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner is hung underneath it. An animated scrubbing bubble guy fly around in the corner. A hand come in to press the button on the cleaner. Then, we see a wider shot of the entire shower. The woman who pressed the button is in a bathrobe, her hair it tied up in a towel. She pulls the shower curtain closed and leaves the bathroom. As she does this, the shadow of a maid pops up from behind the shower curtain. She's tall, her head pop up above the curtain. She's cleaning the shower walls. Then we see another maid in a blue-tiled tub-shower area. She's scrubbing the walls in her yellow maid uniform. A wider shot shows that her other arm is about 8 feet long and is scrubbing the other side of the shower. A close-up shot shows yet another maid getting the corners. Next is a montage shot of the dirty-looking shower. It says, "Day 2", then changes to "Day 7", then "Day 10", getting cleaner each transition until finally it sparkles. A caption reads, "Simulation based on lab results". Another shot shows a circular graphic with 360° embedded in it, showing how the cleaner cleans all around. You can actually see it spraying now too. The original woman in the bathrobe comes back to open the curtain (a shadow of a maid is visible). She opens and it's sparkling clean, no maid either. The screen now shows the Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner box and a caption that says, "MAID FOR YOUR SHOWER". The corner briefly rolls up showing the Johnson & Johnson logo. Finally a screen that shows a new refill, Refreshing Spa. A bottle is shown.


Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner is so easy it's like having a maid. On tall showers, wide showers, even tight corners. Clean soap scum, mold and mildew stains in days. Keeps a clean shower clean from day one. 360 degrees. For every wall, every corner, every part of your shower. Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner, maid for your shower. Now there's a refill with a fresh new scent, refreshing spa.


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  7-May-2007 2:20pm created by bill
  21-Jun-2007 10:34am last update by bill

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posted 17-Sep-2013 2:29am

Oh dear. I know my old retriever mix used to scent mark all the time in the house. I had him for about 7 years (he was older when I adeptod him) so until the end of his life he had that particular issue . Drove me crazy but he was a sweet boy and also had that innocent look down pat! Good to know there is a product out there that can make life a little easier when living with a doggy that is still working on its house training!

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