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Quiznos - Wrong Way


A good-looking couple is walking upto the counter at a Quiznos. A vaguely Asian-looking girl smiles at them from behind the counter. The scene cuts to a shot of "Wrong Way" sub show (which is clearly a parody of Subway). A geeky looking guy with glasses is behind the counter, he stoops over to say "hello" in a monotone into a microphone on the counter. Another quick shot to show how Quiznos toasts their subs. It's a sub, traveling through an oven with glowing coils. The sub has red meat and melted cheese on one side. Some tongs reach in to pull the rack with the sub out. Cut back to Wrong Way subs, and a close-up of a rubber-glove pressing the start button on an industrial microwave. Stepping back, the shot now shows the geek with glasses standing next to the microwave as it beeps, sparks and smoke comes out of it. Now, we see a close-up of a beautiful peppercorn parmesan turkey with bacon sub, with various text around it (name, price), plus a message in small text at the bottom that says, "For small size for a limited time at participating U.S. location. Prices higher in AK and HI." The final shot shows the Quiznos "Q" logo and the "MMMM...Toasty" slogan underneath, plus below that.


There's subs made the Quiznos way, and there's Wrong Way. Hello. Quiznos toasts their subs. And Wrong Way... *exploding microwave sound* Try our new peppercorn parmesan turkey with bacon sub for $3.49. Only at Quiznos. Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, Toasty!


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  9-May-2007 8:52am created by bill

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