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We see a white shiny image of 3 Proactiv bottle (2 white, 1 green, 1 shorter). In the background is a faucet, implying that we're in a bathroom. A caption reads, "Good News from Proactiv® Solution". Then, we start to see a series of before and after photos of people who had acne or pimples, but then took Proactiv and now their skin is clear. Then, there's a shot of the Proactiv Refining mask tube with the caption, "FREE Refining Mask". We see it with the other 3 Proactiv bottles now. We see someone squeezing a dab of Proactiv Solution Refining Mask on to a finger. We see more before/after images. In a corner it says, "Results may vary". We see a handsome young man with dark hair applying some Proactiv to a spot on his face. Then, we see his before/after pictures, with a caption that says, "Speed and degree of clearing vary". We see a quick shot of him looking excited as he tells us it's a good feeling. Then, a woman is shown telling us how great Proactiv is. We see, "Guthy Renker" in a caption. This is not the woman's name, but the name of the company that markets Proactiv. There's a shot of a woman on the phone, ordering Proactiv. The bottom of the screen now has a segmented banner that has the website (, CALL NOW!, and 1-800-234-4476. We see a few more before and after pictures. Then, a screen showing all 4 products again, with "Save 50% Off Individual Product Prices" and "$19.95 $5.95 S&H USD CA,PA,IA, NC add tax". Then, there's a short segment showing Jessica Simpson sitting on the ground, looking good. She uses the Refining Mask. A new shot shows the Refining Mask tube as captions come up saying, "Best Product Best Offer". We see a young couple hugging ans smiling. They both have great skin. A caption reads, "Make it Real!". The final shot shows the 4 product bottles again, with the price and credit card logos. Also, a Priority Mail logo is shown, plus, "60 Day Money Back Guarantee".


Proactiv Solution has good news. If you have a difficult pimple or sudden breakout and can't find relief. Because when you order now, you'll get the exclusive refining mask free with your three piece kit. Just a dab and the mask is designed to zap problem zits fast. It's dramatic. I put it on in the evening before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning, you don't have acne. That's a good feeling. It works the fastest. It's potent. It's like my own skin care army. Call now and order the amazing Proactiv Solution to heal your acne and help prevent future breakouts. You'll save 50% on Proactiv when you order in the next four minutes. Just $19.95. For on the spot pimple control, I use the refining mask. Just a little dab, that's all you need. It's a Proactiv best product and it's part of Proactiv's best offer. Don't just dream of clear, beautiful skin, make it real. Order Proactiv now, and get a free upgrade to priority shipping. Call 1-800-234-4476.


  28-Jun-2007 9:31am created by bill
  28-Jun-2007 9:45am last update by bill

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posted 13-Jan-2008 1:26pm

I just wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to put this on the web. I want to try Proactiv now that I've scraped up the money and wanted the shipping upgrade because it cuts the shipping time way down from 2-3 weeks to about 7 days. I haven't seen the commercial again to order and figured I'd try the web.

It's amazing what's on the web these days!! Thanks!!!
posted 4-Feb-2008 1:58am

Buyer beware!! Guthy Renker (makers of ProActiv) basically force you into an automatic shipping program if you want that price and the refining mask. Also, now there's a product called AcneFree that works basically the same way (better some would say), but it's cheaper and available in retail stores instead of mall kiosks and infomercials.
posted 26-May-2010 1:59pm

meow man meow
posted 26-May-2010 1:59pm

dude ive never tried proactive....does it really work? cus i heard from some people it doesnt.....
posted 15-Jun-2010 8:44pm

Yeah I have moderate acne and Proactiv isn't perfect, but it very helpful. It works differently for everyone, so if you're looking into it, its definitely worth a shot.
posted 22-Apr-2011 3:00am

In your commercial on back ance. You show a woman showering and scrubing her back and you show her nipple. Can u please edit that out. It's really offensive.
posted 24-Apr-2011 2:49pm

A nip is offensive? Get back in your cave.
posted 9-May-2011 6:04am

I have seen the commercial also. And what my question is, is that does this air on prime time telivision because I don't want my kids seeing that on telivison at all, I did not realize that proactiv made such commercials that were so revealing.
posted 15-Oct-2012 1:40pm

I still have very bad acne right now T_T. I wash my face twice a day and I've been trying all sorts of proctdus to try to get rid of my acne but it's just not going away >_<. It's embarrassing and just ahhhhhhh! I've been wanting to try Proactiv but I haven't had the chance! I've tried neutrogena, olay, etc but nothings working for me! Little small bumps that don't go away! They aren't red like regular pimples! Does anyone have a solution? Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

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