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A young woman stands on a small step ladder in gallery hall. She is hanging large, framed paintings. As she lifts a picture of a flower pot, petals from it float out and into the eyes of a man in a nearby painting. The painting of the man looks very similar to a Van Gogh self-portrait. The man in the painting blinks, reacting to the allergen petals. His eyes are irritated. The woman hangs him up along with another painting. The Pataday logo appears in the lower right and a caption reads "available by prescription only". A cat from another painting is shown, animated. The man rubs his eyes. We see him reach for a small bottle of Pataday eye drops. The caption reads and 1-877-3-PATADAY. The painting of the man is shown with his head back, putting one drop of Pataday in each of his eyes. Now he's smiling. Light moves across the room, it's is night. The cat jumps down from the lap of a woman in the painting next to the man. It says, "See our ad in Woman's Day" in a caption. The final shot shows the man smiling in the picture frame with the Pataday logo in the lower right.


The world can be a beautiful place. Unless allergies are giving you itchy eyes. Now, there's new Pataday Solution. The first and only once-a-day eye-drop for treating itchy, allergy eyes. Just one drop in each eye, once a day. The most common side-effects include cold or soar throat, blurred vision, burning, or stinging. Ask your doctor about new, once-a-day Pataday Solution.


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  25-May-2007 10:05am created by bill

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