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Oscar Mayer - Spell Bologna


The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is traveling quickly along the highway. We switch to the inside of the Wienermobile as the driver and passenger explain where they are going. The Wienermobile pulls into the hotel where the U.S. Spelling Bee is taking place. Now, we see a series of scenes of kids in the spelling bee (on a stage with other kids, numbers around their necks, in front of judges). Different cute kids of various ethnicities sing the classic Oscar Mayer jingle. Finally, as the jingle gets to the end where they actually spell "bologna", a girl starts to spell it, then asks the judges for a definition. The judges talk about the quality of the bologna (a clever way to interject this). Then the girl spells out bologna with no problem and everyone claps. Finally, a shot of the Wienermobile traveling on to some other location.


Today we're going to the US Spelling Bee to find out... The correct way to spell Bologna. My bologna has a first name, it's O S C A R. My bologna has a second name, it's M E Y E R. Oh, I love to eat it every day. Cause Oscar Mayer has a way with... B, O... may I have the definition? Quality beef, and no fillers. B, O, L, O, G, N, A! *clapping* You can count on Oscar.


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  9-May-2007 9:43am created by bill
  12-Jan-2010 8:57pm last update by bill

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posted 22-Jun-2009 10:09pm

Why is baloney spelt balogna?
posted 29-Jun-2009 10:02pm

They were long sleeves in Winter.
posted 18-Jul-2009 11:00pm

They got long sleeveless in the US Spelling Bee
posted 28-Oct-2009 5:14pm

1) "...a girl starts to spell it, then asks the judges of a definition."

Wrong preposition: should be, "...[she] asks the judges FOR a definition."

2) "Baloney" is an American corruption of the Italian "bologna." (Silent "g", as in "battaglia.")

That done, I'm off to eat lunch: a bologna sandwich with relish on French bread. :)
posted 24-Mar-2010 8:23pm

It's Cold in here
posted 9-Dec-2010 12:59pm

Senior in High school , still spells "bologna" like "baloney" .
Ixcara Nelruso
posted 9-Dec-2010 1:00pm

previous comment ^
posted 27-Jan-2013 10:28am

just dropping by to say hi
posted 25-Feb-2013 4:56am

simply dropping by to say hey
posted 25-Dec-2013 10:30am


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