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Macy's One Day Sale


We see "One Day Sale" with scroll-work on either side of it. A woman in white jumps up beside it and spins in slow motion. We're moving in slowly. Another woman in white appears closer-up on the right. Then, we switch to a close-up of a woman's neckline. A diamond pendant bounces against her soft skin. Another shot women popping up and rotating, this time wearing the Hotel Waffle Robe. Then a close-up of a woman's ears as her head turns, showing diamond earrings. Her head moves off to the right as we see the description. More women jump up on the screen, with a new caption in the center that says, "One Day Sale Wednesday Preview Tuesday". Organic, leafy pattern grow in the center of the screen as everything else fades out. Finally, we see the Macy's star logo. appears in the lower right.


It's Macy's One Day Sale. Your one day to celebrate mom. Dazzle her with a half carat diamond pendant for $49.99. Wrap yourself in a cozy bathrobe for $49.99. Make her sparkle with a pair of half carat diamond studs, $199. Macy's One Day Sale, this Wednesday; preview, Tuesday. Let mom know she's special.


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  7-May-2007 2:28pm created by bill
  25-Jun-2007 11:30am last update by bill

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