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We are shown two printers, side-by-side from a top-down view. The colors of the scene are shades of grey. The Lexmark printer prints a page with a man in a tie. The Kyocera printer a picture of a woman in a silk blouse. They each quickly print another black and white image, then they print color images of the man and woman. He's wearing a blue shirt and a yellow tie. Her blouse is burgundy. Each printer continues to print more shots of the man and the woman. We see progressively more and more of them as their images pull back some. We can see their legs now. Then we see the man scratching his head. On the next page, we see him putting his foot into the page of the woman. He makes his move and now they are both being printed from the Kyocera printer. They stand next to each other. Then, a page showing a couple Kyocera printers comes out. We hear the "the whole world smiles with you" jingle and round logo with "People Friendly" and a red smile-like line under it appears. Finally, there's the Kyocera logo and


The Lexmark C534 and the Kyocera 5025; both produce crisp black and white and brilliant color prints. Both are fast and reliable. But, there's one big difference. Kyocera's cartridge-free technology and long-life consumables can save $11,000 over 3 years versus this Lexmark printer. So, make the move and see what you can save on all your printers. The whole world smiles with you People friendly printers, only from Kyocera.


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  29-Apr-2007 10:21am created by bill
  19-Jun-2007 2:01pm last update by bill

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