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Kohl's Last 3 days


A blue background with a round, blurry blob at the bottom that implies a planet. Bold letters in yellow and white say "LAST 3 days". The letters flip and change to "lowest prices of the season" and "thursday, friday & saturday" appear under that. The scene then switches to a young girl and and older woman (mother and daughter, perhaps?), they are modeling the tee's and tanks. Then, a good-looking young family (mom, dad, and little girl), each wearing a swim suit. For each of these shows, the percentage savings is shown in the top left. Next, a shot of shoes and sandals, then jewelry, frames, and rugs. Finally, we're back to the original blue background and flipping message, then a show of the Kohl's logo with the "expect great savings" slogan under that.


It's your last 3 days to save during Kohl's lowest prices of the season this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Explored the store and save 40-50% on tee's and tanks. And, 40-50% on all swim-wear for the family. Shoes and sandals are 40-55% off. Fine and sterling silver jewelry is 65% off. Save 55-60% on frames. And, 55-65% on all rugs. It doesn't get better or lower than this. But, hurry, it's your last 3 days to save during Kohl's lowest prices of the season this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Kohl's, expect great things.


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  9-May-2007 1:54pm created by bill

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