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Home Depot Consumer Credit Card


A man walks quickly through his living room, where his wife is sitting in a chair, writing in a notepad. He says he's going to Home Depot and she tells him not to spend too much. He says he can't promise and leaves. Next we seen a shot of the appliance area inside a Home Depot. Words on the screen say, "No Payments No Interest Until January 2008 Purchases of $299 or more". There's some fine print too. We see people walking around in the shot, an orange-smocked salesperson is showing some customers some appliances. The final shot shows an orange Home Depot logo against a white background and a caption that says, "You can do it. We can help."


...heading to the Home Depot. Honey, promise me you wont go overboard. Ew, yeah. Sorry, I can't make that promise. Get no payments, no interest, on all purchases of $299 or more with your Home Depot consumer credit card. Only at the Home Depot.


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  1-Jun-2007 1:04pm created by bill

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posted 16-Oct-2012 12:51am

want negative riwvees products website? 's same reason never advertise a negative review. always see independent magazine rates a best never 20 magazines stay far away. 's selling products even those products sub par. Was this answer helpful?

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