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Go Meat - Hillshire Farms


A young, blonde woman sits at her desk, in a cubicle of a typical office. She's eating a salad. We see it on a plate before her. She's sprinkling beige chunks onto it. Presumably, these are either turkey or cheese, perhaps both. A balding man in a tie, walks by pushing a cart. He's chanting, "go meat" repeatedly. She looks up with a blank expression on her face.
Next, a dark curly-haired main pops-up from under the other side of the cubicle. My guess is that he's a nerdy IT guy. He's outright singing about how her salad "rocks". A woman with a phone comes up behind him and sings as well, as she points with her phone. The salad-eating girl now has a growing expression of shock on her face. A black woman in a yellow outfit pops in and does a little shimmy as she sings her line. Next a chubby guy who looks like Kevin James from King of Queens sits heavily on her desk and the cubicle wall falls down. He does care, he's excited about her salad. She's chewing her salad with a kind of indifferent expression on her face. More shots of people singing and pointing. There's a guy in a argyle sweater by a copy machine, papers all over the floor. Now, some shots of the product, salad in a clear plastic box, yum. I can't really tell if the package is just the meat and you add the salad, or if it comes with the salad part too. Finally, a shot of the whole office grouped together in front of the messy copier, shouting "Farms!"


Go meat meat
Go meat meat
Go meat meat
That salad rocks!
The best!
Make it easy at your desk.
It's second to none.
Just add lettuce and you're done.
That's crazy girl, I swear.
There is so much stuff in there.
S-S-Salad, yeah, a meaty salad.
Why? because you hungry, you hungry.
Your momma says you hungry.
When I say Hillshire, you say Farms.
Hillshire, Farm
Go Meat!


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  27-Apr-2007 5:21pm created by bill
  11-May-2007 9:25am last update by bill

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Jack Hollinksy
posted 22-Jun-2007 8:25pm

This commerical is so amazing!!!
Anonymous <3
posted 4-Sep-2007 8:07am

i sooooooooooooooooooooooooo love this song =]
posted 21-Feb-2008 6:58pm

That is the most disgusting ad on TV and would not buy the product if it was the best on the market
posted 25-Feb-2008 8:34pm

Please take this ad off of TV. You should fire the agency, then fire the person in your organization that approved it.
posted 7-Mar-2008 9:51pm

Please, take this thing off,,puck,puck every time and so many.
posted 7-Mar-2008 9:52pm

I agree
posted 31-May-2008 5:15pm

omg GO MEAT!
posted 1-Aug-2008 8:26pm

I haven't seen this ad, but the ad in the police station that says, "let the ? eat his meat" is driving me nuts. If they don't stop playing that ad, I'm never going to eat Hillshire Farms again.
posted 19-Aug-2008 2:49pm

My husband and I absolutely HATE these "go meat" commercials. There are many of your products that we have, and do use, but not anymore! We will buy nothing from you for quite a long time. These ads are disgusting. We are constantly "muting" our TV before you get to that ridiculous line.
posted 1-Sep-2008 8:39pm

I absolutely HATE these commercials, too!! If I can't get to the remote to mute or change channels, I'm sticking my fingers in my ears singing "la, la, la, la, la" or "I hate this commercial" 'til the crappy thing is over.

I'm kind of surprised more people aren't upset by them. Some of them seem to be mocking the whole military cadence thing. And why, oh why are there so many versions playing so often? Ever heard of the concept of running something into the ground, Hillshire Farms?

I will NEVER buy any of their products, period. They annoy me to no end.

Go meat? No, go to #&%%, Hillshire Farms.
posted 2-Sep-2008 10:05am

I have never gone to this length before...but seeing the latest Hillshire Farms 'Go Meat' ad has driven me to it. WHAT were these people thinking??? Lame cadence, amateurish concept. If advertisements are intended to draw buyers to products...this revolting mess has actually driven me to far end of the prepared meat case.

The only thing that should "GO" are the clueless Hillshire executives -- who were either deluded enough to come up with it themselves,or conned into thinking this campaign was brilliant and would do the job.

Wake up Hillshire Farms: you lost another customer.
posted 5-Sep-2008 1:11am

The Hillshire Farms ads are making me sick! They look like Middle School drama class. Especially the one in the police department setting. Actually, I have seen better Middle school acting, and writing. Sara Lee owns Hillshire Farms, it is a shame they haven't pulled this garbage.
posted 30-Sep-2008 5:42pm

Your commercial is disgusting. (go meat). I don't even buy your products anymore because of it. Get back to basics.
posted 10-Oct-2008 10:56am

Great commercial, if it was not so effective, none of you would be wasting your time commenting about these wonderfully thought adds. They stick in your mind don't they, GO MEAT
posted 17-Jan-2009 7:01pm

These commercials stick in your mind like a BeeGees song or a bad play. They are losing secondary exposure and marketshare to their own obnoxiousness.
People really DO understand advertising, and it's not the '50s anymore, there are plenty of choices out there for people with a brain.
posted 29-Jan-2009 3:27pm

The Hillshire Farms commercials are the absolute worst. Very militaristic and unpleasant. The men grilling in their yards is awful. The "That's some serious meat you're stackin'" one follows suit. The current one with the people on the airplane is just ridiculous. "Bang Bang Choo Choo Train, eating lunch meat on an aeroplane." Dear god, make it stop!
posted 29-Jan-2009 4:27pm

we love the ads. in the new ad on the plane, the 2nd old lady who speaks looks & sounds like barbara eden, could it be???
Big Lex
posted 29-Jan-2009 7:46pm

I love these commercials. Never mind the little insignificant segment of the market that doesn't see the "go eat meat" message your sending. Meat rocks!
posted 1-Feb-2009 9:25pm

This is what happens when you let the interns get too involved. These are quite possibly the MOST irritating commerical that I have seen in a long time. Thank goodness for DVR, fast forward and mute.
posted 3-Feb-2009 1:32am

Your commericals have to be the worst I have ever seen or heard. I either mute or change the channel everytime they come on, I've never had any advertising experience and could do better than that, you need to fire your ad agency!!!!
posted 4-Feb-2009 1:42pm

posted 7-Feb-2009 4:07pm

hey, the commercials are funny. Why do you hate them, ppl? Funny. That is what they are. Maybe you should go to a mental institution where they would understand you... and how you cant take a joke.
posted 10-Feb-2009 6:19pm

I think these are the best commercials. The airplane one is the best.... I love the lyrics!
posted 12-Feb-2009 12:41am

Oh my gosh, the airplane one is awful! Anyone who finds that amusing has a really strange sense of humor. I can put up with some really silly commercials, but this makes me cringe every time I hear it!
posted 13-Feb-2009 12:05pm

well i think that all the commercials are B/A! and whoever dont like them can go blow an egg!
posted 13-Feb-2009 9:54pm

The Hillshire commercials cannot be any more annoying if they tried. What ad agency is responsible for this piece of crap? Anyone who finds the commercials entertaining must be incredibly stupid. Yes, I'll remember the commercials the next time I go grocery shopping, and I'll totally avoid all Hillshire Farms products as a result.
posted 18-Feb-2009 6:57pm

OMG. how could you guys hate these commercials?!?! My whole school sings it after i told my friends the lyrics... and who wants to watch boring commercials that ruin the show your watchin anyway- you guys sound so sophisticated... its kinda funny =]... reminds me of the old ladies on the airplane! lol=] ~THE BEST~
posted 18-Feb-2009 7:00pm

Seriously- hillshire farms... you just gained a whole school of teens who make their parents pick out hillshire farms meat instead of anything else...... even my brother likes these commercial- and he hates everything and is kinda scary sumtimes=]
posted 24-Feb-2009 9:37am

I have just seen the Hillshire Farms Airplane commercial and I am addicted to it. It is so Peter Sellers, the stewardess is from, the man who says, and points in back of him and says"she'll have the brown sugar ham" is I think the new On-Cor man, they all break into song with the little nonsensicle jingle "bang bang choo choo train". It seems whoever created this ad must have taken a couple of hits of acid first, but I love it.
posted 24-Feb-2009 9:39am

I wrote the above comment. I don' think that I would ever acually buy any of their products though. I don't think my cats would eat them either.
posted 25-Feb-2009 4:12pm

posted 4-Mar-2009 8:56pm

these commercials are such a low comedy, only, that's part of their humor. I mean really, they aren't meant to be fantastic, and that's why they stick in our minds. This is what I like to call, good marketing. Truthfully though, the airplane one is a total mood booster for me. :)
posted 10-Mar-2009 11:20am

Anyone who finds these ads funny or entertaining must have taken a tumble in the clothes dryer as a young child. Annoying any segment of your potential consumers during these economic times
seems, at best, STUPID! What's next, Hillshire ad done by the freecreditreport band? OMG, what have I done?...
posted 12-Mar-2009 1:49am

I love these commercials! They're catchy and make sandwich eating look fun! I wish everyone would lighten up a bit, it's lunch meat.
Who cares what u think
posted 14-Mar-2009 11:36am

To Anonymous that posted on Feb-24-09 The flight attendant is not the one from
To everyone else who can stand to watch these commercials that seem to make most people with intelligence wanna slap a baby....I say I guess ignorance is truly bliss for you. Before you take that as a compliment please google the definition of the word ignorant. I'm sure that if you read it a few hundred times that you will be able to understand that it is indeed not a compliment.
These stupid commercials suck!!!! And so do the people who are amused by them.
posted 16-Mar-2009 7:00pm

dood u guys need to chill out. these commercials are so stupid that theyre hilarious. i luv to sing through the hallway :) and if you dont like em you can stick in ur juicebox and suck it.
posted 18-Mar-2009 10:11pm

"the stewardess is from" Not the progressive lady that's doing the current ones... and the new on-cor guy is that one fat guy from that old "Spin City" show.
posted 20-Mar-2009 11:31pm

I really liked the one in the's so catchy, though! I think I've seen this commercial in the office a few times, but I forget. I hate the one with the guys grilling in their yards, though.
posted 26-Mar-2009 5:36pm

Bah-hahahahahahahaha! These are possibly the best commercials on the air. GO MEAT!
posted 14-Apr-2009 4:55pm

These stupid ads are insulting to anyone with even half a brain. Anonymous is a plant or a red neck with no taste. I am SICK of these dumb ass ads that assume that the American public is so stupid they thisk this is cute. It's offensive and annoying. If Anonymous would care to step up and be counted it might matter. As it is, stuip is, that enjoys stupid. GO Brains!
Not Anonymous
posted 21-Apr-2009 4:42pm

I'm smarter than "who cares what u think" and I say these commercials are truly catchy. They're out of nowhere, but to me that's what make them clever. If they wanted to do something different and appealing, they succeeded.
posted 25-Apr-2009 3:09pm

.I never did have a negative opinion about Hillshire Farms...but now I am actively seeking out and purchasing their competitors products. Is that what you intended? Then it's working.
posted 28-Apr-2009 2:07pm

I have Never tracked down a commercial on line before to vent....It is so High School Skit like. Totally obnoxious, I am embarrased for Hillshire much more unprofessional and utterly ridiculous can these commercials be? Makes me Glad that I had to become a vegetarian for health reasons in the past year!
posted 29-Apr-2009 9:53am

i find these commercials funny and i graduated from the univ. of mich. from the history dept, so those of you who think we are stupid for this enjoyment can go blow!!! now who can answer my question of is it barbara eden or not who is old lady #2 in the airplne ad?
posted 9-Jun-2009 2:04pm

You People are disgusting: Have the nerve to read this - if you don't you're UnAmerican/ republican or demorat ....

Not only do you eat flesh and support eating flesh. You wrote a song about it.
You are pigs, except you eat them - and they are more intelligent than most of you hicks. I also don't care if you are making a living at this - it makes you more less respectful than life. If I need to spell it out: You're pro life - although you're a killer you kill beings for a living; but you can tell a woman what to do with her body - especially when you want, "what you want." Most of you won't even understand this - you uneducated IDIOTS!!!!

WHITE MEN NO LONGER RULE THE WORLD!!!!!! bye bye - Amy E. Perna
posted 10-Jun-2009 9:12am

I am probably the BIGGEST fan of these commercials! I damn near die laughing everytime one is on and actually find myself chanting along. The whole point of an ad campaign is to get it to stick in your head so you buy their items when you're shopping... couldn't think of a better campaign to accomplish that!
posted 10-Jun-2009 9:20am

Does anyone else notice how at least 75% of the comments talking about the ridiculousness of these commercials either are vegetarians, make absolutely no sense, or are worded to make the person sound like a moron... and they keep saying that those of us who like the commercials are stupid and uneducated!
posted 27-Jul-2009 12:00pm

i cantr believe that you people are so upset they are just comercials! i happen to love them. the people who hate the commercials obviously have no sense of humer! hillshire farms people are hallarious! and another thing... if u hate the comercials why are you commenting on there websites? i think all of you haters are stupiD! LOL
posted 5-Aug-2009 11:29am

I will never eat Hillshire Farms products until they take this retarded commercial off the air. I used to love their products but their commercials have completely turned me off. GO OSCAR MEYER!
posted 27-Nov-2009 12:31pm

for those of you who think that these moronic commercials are great, you need brains. you're probably the type that think forcing yourself to vomit is a great weight loss program too.
posted 19-Dec-2009 1:45pm

What happened to the down-home commercials they used to have, that took place on an actual farm? Although those ads seemed to focus more on their sausage than their other products.
posted 8-Jan-2010 10:48am

I said a beef hot links!
posted 26-Feb-2010 2:51pm

posted 26-Feb-2010 2:52pm

Los Angeles foodies
posted 15-May-2010 1:12am

wow ! these commercials are more than annoying these Ad agencies must be useing mindless interns and Crappy Art directors I think these ads are acatually worse that the latest Milk commercials is it possible they are useing the same Ad Agency and Art Director these are beyond terrible
Hillshire and Sara Lee Brands wake up please your food is not being represented very well if the spot is so irritating to the public
posted 26-May-2010 5:14pm

Why doesn't Hillshire Farms film their commercials in slaughterhouses. They could show cows being elctroshocked, vivisected and turned into baloney. Then you'll
really get the message-"Go Meat." Vulgar,and in poor taste. Will NEVER buy a Hillshire product.
posted 27-Jun-2010 3:05pm

How can a bunch of fat guys in stained T-shirts screaming at you be funny?
posted 22-Nov-2010 5:24pm

I am going into advertising and I find these commercials amusing. Perfect for a family audience. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you don't like them then that's cool, if you do like them then great. Ad agencies do the best they can to entertain the audience during their regular television program
the baker
posted 1-Dec-2010 2:51pm

it could only be better if the meat sang along too
posted 1-Dec-2010 2:52pm

the baker is soo awesome he is the best at everyting
posted 1-Dec-2010 2:53pm

posted 24-Apr-2011 2:53pm

Wheres the odd elfin girl and her grill?
posted 12-Sep-2012 5:13am

If you knew how disgusting the product is and the workers that snot on it, you wouldn't eat it, ever!
posted 16-Oct-2012 4:12am

Ron ~ Isn't it just the most adorable thing you've ever seen? The first cmmoercial tickled me and I guess it did a whole 'lot of others, too because look what it did!Vixen ~ I know! So cute your head could explode, right?Akelamalu ~ Don't they though? Just luscious lashes!Indi ~ I wish they were for real because I'd sell my body for one!cestlavie22 ~ The guy cracks me up but the "petite" giraffe giving/blowing kisses just lays me out! Thanks for stopping by!TEL ~ Don'tcha just love 'em!?! They'd make great company whilst working out, I think!mina ~ A miniature whale would be very cool and cute! I just would never think of a tiny giraffe and I think that's what makes it so amazing! I'd like a wee little manatee, they are so freakin' ugly they're cunning!

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