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Ford Edge


To the sound of a primal thumping of a drum, we are deluged by images from the front-ends of various Ford vehicles. The thumping increases and we cycle through many fast shots, then we're shown a lone vehicle in a wide shot from above as it takes a turn in a red-hued dessert. A glowing white line forms and zooms around the frenetic scene. Then, the focus shifts to showing shots of the new Ford Edge crossover vehicle. There's a city shot, then a wingman shot of it driving on a winding country road. The white wisp shoots through the scene and finally seems to form into the outline of the Ford logo behind a dark shot of the Ford Edge (a caption in the lower right labels it thusly). The show some people inside the vehicle as they highlight the exclusive Vista Roof. They are happy and excited. Next, there's a shot of an iPod-like device in someone's hand, the caption says, "MP3 audio input jack". We pan back and above a little to see the couple in the car, the woman passenger holds the MP3 player in her elegant hand. More shots of the car out on the road. I'd guess this was shot near Sedona, Arizona. Some more quick shots of the car on the road, then a screen with info about financing. It says, "2007 FORD EDGE FWD SE $0 DOWN PAYMENT $299 mo 35 mos 3 Year/ 30,000 Mile PREMIUM MAINTENANCE PLAN", then a lot of small print that's impossible to read. Back to various shots of cityscape, various ford cars, including a truck, then the Ford logo with "BOLD MOVES Your Local Ford Store".


Have you driven a Ford... Have you seen the coolest cross-over to hit the streets? It's the all-new Ford Edge. Featuring a class-exclusive Vista Roof to see more. MP3 jack that allows you to take your tunes on the road with you. And, best-in-class horsepower. Get the all-new Ford Edge. With zero down, lease the Ford Edge for just $299 a month and get a premium maintenance plan at no extra charge. Only at your local Ford store. Have you driven a Ford... lately.


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  1-May-2007 3:37pm created by bill
  11-May-2007 9:12am last update by bill

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