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Expedia Super Vacation Sale


We see a yellow suitcase with the Expedia swooping plane logo and under that. It's sitting on a beach with wave breaking against rocks behind it. Yellow circles and wisply lines are flowing around the screen. A caption reads, "YOUR SUMMER VACATION". A new shot shows a family playing at the beach, a yellow luggage tag is overlayed in the lower left corner. It says, "SUMMER VACATION SALE". Various shots are shown with the wispy yellow lines and bubbles. A couple walks by a hotel pool, a woman in a robe opens a door that looks out onto a beach, a canyon, a girl jumps over a large rock, a roller-coaster. Captions reas, "SAVE up to 30%".


It's the Expedia summer vacation sale. Book your summer getaway now and save up to 30% on your hotel. It's out biggest sale ever. But a deal like this wont last. So book your trip today. Expedia. dot com


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  1-Jun-2007 2:19pm created by bill

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