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Bush's Baked Beans


A man, Jay Bush as identified by the caption, is in the kitchen with his dog. Jay is stirring a large bean pot of beans while his dog looks on. There's a big can of Bush's Baked Beans on the counter next to some onions, tomatoes, peppers and other spices. The dog talks to him. Jay responds in a close-up, mockingly. The next shot shows the same dog hanging out of a window onto the roof of a house. He's talking to a pig. The pig is standing on a green skateboard wearing a leather flying cap and scarf. He's also got a board with the Bush's logo on it strapped to his back. The dog is holding a rope tied to the pig. This pig oinks, then we switch to a spread of Bush's Baked Beans. A large can of Bush's Baked Beans next to a hamburger and hot-dog on a plate and a big crock of beans in the background.


Mmm, Bush's Baked Beans. That special blend of spices. Hey Jay, are you ever going to let me sell the secret family recipe? Sure, when pigs fly. Now, just buzz the house a few times, and that should do it. Enjoy, Bush's Baked Beans.


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  1-Jun-2007 4:08pm created by bill

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posted 21-May-2008 11:32am

very cute and clever! love these ads!
posted 21-May-2008 11:32am

p.s. the beans are great, too!
posted 2-Jul-2008 5:32pm

I love the beans. I just wish you could buy them in Canada!!!!!!
rwp, seminole tx.
posted 20-Jan-2009 10:52am

What breed is the dog? Is his name Duke?
posted 24-Apr-2011 2:51pm

I wish this dog would get off his high horse. His smugness derives from some subpar bean recipe.
posted 28-Sep-2013 1:12pm

I received a hot tip that I feel I should pass on to Jay.
Duke is about to be kidnapped and will be forced to reveal the secret recipe.
Just thought you should know.

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